Amazon - one of the best online shops. 32
This is the website of my LARP-group. 34
Thats my clan. 44
I am currently employed at CANCOM. CANCOM is a company providing business consulting, managed services, software products supporting your business and a lot more! 0
My Star Citizen organization. 2
My Online-Shop on Nexus.gg where you can buy ingame stuff for a bunch of games (EG Minion Masters, Smite & Path of Exile). 4
My Steam Profile page. 9
A great website where you can do investments into real estate projects. 5
Digiosos Facebook Page 44
Guilded is a all-in-one tool for communities. You no longer need to have a website, forum, chat and voice-tool for your community. Guilded offers all of them. You can use it for a guild or any other kind of community. It's free to use and even offers feat 2
Humblebundle - a great way to gets lots of great games for a very good price! 5
ING - eine Direktbank mit attraktiven Zinsen, ansprechenden Konton und klasse Support! 0
Many of my domains are provided by KNServ. They have very reasonable prices. 0
Miion Masters is a fast-paced mixture of RTS & card games. Play your minion wisely to slay those of your foes and then destroy the enemy master to win! 3
This is the link to my profile on Xing. 11
Use this link to get your PAYBACK American Express Card with a lot of PAYBACK points right from the start. 0
My Pinterest profile. 0
The next big Sci-Fi Game for the PC. 14
My Twitch-Channel 6
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My page on YouTube. 59